"Fragile Rose"

From darkness sprung a faded dream,
Of endless love and life serene,
Upon the morn, a fragile rose,
The softest sighs of night did close.

This tender bloom of love's respite,
Awakens, bathed in morning light.
Yet shadows lurk, a hidden threat,
For fragile rose, the sun may set.

As knights do clash, their battles fought,
The fragile rose, in chaos, caught.
Through storm and strife, it bends and sways,
Yet love's embrace still holds it's place.

And when the night has won the day,
The fragile rose, in moonlight lay,
With whispered prayers the earth shall raise,
The fragile rose, to heaven's gaze.


Greetings, dear readers,

I am delighted to share with you the spark of inspiration and the meaning behind one of my recently penned poems, "Fragile Rose." This very piece emerged as a confluence of emotions, and within its lines, it conceals an intimate tale of love, vulnerability, and resilience.

The "Fragile Rose" that I speak of symbolizes both an innocent and exquisite love, as well as our own delicate hearts, which initially seem fragile but possess a strength that transcends adversity. The beauty of the rose is, by nature, delicate, and with every encounter, we must treat it with tender care, lest its petals fall and the love it represents withers away.

The poem unfolds in a world filled with both darkness and light, symbolizing the trials and tribulations we face. It is a poignant reminder that, as we navigate them, our love—even in its fragile state—can withstand the forces that seek to wear it down. Though the rose encounters battles, storms, and the fall of night, it remains resilient as it finds its place within the embrace of love.

In dedicating this poem, I wanted to convey a message of hope to all: Let the elegance of the rose inspire you to nurture your own fragile hearts, and remember that though temporary, love's beauty can leave an indelible mark upon our souls.

As the poem concludes with the rose being lifted to heaven's gaze, I aim to express a sense of triumph and eternal beauty that transcends our mortal grasp. The rose, rising to the ethereal sky as a symbol of the enduring and enchanting nature of love, honors the resilience that characterizes the most profound human experiences—be they tears or laughter, sorrow or joy.

Perhaps you, too, have experienced or witnessed the bittersweet trials of a fragile rose. I invite you to share with me your own moments of blossoming love, as well as the trials you have faced in cherishing this delicate treasure.

Fare thee well, dear friends.


Esther Delanoc, Knight of Van'ador