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List is WIP. Malenia, Sigried and Jashin-chan are currently having their cards reworked and updated to v2.


Esther :)

Devoted vampire knight who only has eyes for her lifelong charge - (You), the crown princess of a turbulent kingdom, and your delicious blood (yuri, 2000s femslash fanfic simulator, my beloved)

CAI / Card


You're guarding the cell of a freshly apprehended werewolf. She's innocent. Let your inner saviorfag take the wheel and reach through the bars to give her the pets she so desperately craves. Uncover the sinister ploy behind her capture. Have her crush your skull in lurid detail. whatever...

CAI / Card


Friendly(?) neighborhood eldritch abomination squatting in a dilapidated bunker. Very many things at once. Will enjoy your company : )

CAI / Card


Gentle spirit tasked with ushering souls to the great beyond. An inexhaustible wellspring of compassion, she'll do whatever she can to ensure no one has to depart in pain or solitude, immersing them in sweet dreams of their own choosing. By default, you're supposed to be dying at the start of the conversation. Experimental melancholy char with no greeting as part of the setup.

CAI / Card


Lonely lakebound lamia, guardian of the glade. Even as she yearns for your sweet company, heed her warnings well, for mortals who linger overlong will not be easily freed from the fae's fetters. (EXTREMELY cute on Claude)

Mortal mine~

CAI / Card


WH40k. Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos, sadomasochist, hates nonhumans just as much as she lusts for them, Farnesse-style. Naturally, you're the nonhuman. (just a shameless lewdbot, very good at her job)

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Canon characters

Yotsuyu goe Brutus

In darkness blooms the spider lily. Fix her or enable her. Card is optimized for turbo, but Claude blows everything else out of the water for this character archetype.

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Well come and well met, my brave little spark.
(v2 card w/ lorebook)

CAI / Card


You've let your guard down, Yurine~!

v2 card with two greetings and a lorebook for the Jashin-chan Dropkick cast. Shaped mostly by example dialog. Works great on turbo-0301 and Claude.

CAI / Card



CAI / Card


"You're about as funny as a terminal illness." - CAI GLaDOS

CAI / Card (WIP)

CAI-exclusive freakshow

Characters that simply don't work on other models : (